Wendie Holt, NASM, Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA, ACE, & ASFA Certified

Wendie Holt

Wendie Holt, NASM, Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA, ACE, & ASFA Certified

A Message from Wendie

Hello, I'm Wendie, a seasoned fitness professional with a passion for helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier, more active lives. With over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry, I've honed my skills and knowledge to guide you on your journey to a fitter and happier you.


AFAA Certified: I started my journey with the American Fitness Association of America (AFAA) certifications in Personal Training, Cycling, Group fitness, which laid the foundation for my fitness expertise.

ACE Certified: Building on my AFAA certification, I furthered my education and skills by becoming an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified trainer in Bootcamp, Senior Fitness.

ASFA Advanced Personal Training Certification: My commitment to continuous improvement led me to earn the Advanced Personal Training Certification from the American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA), ensuring that I stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in Fitness, Nutrition, and training techniques.

Specialties: With a passion for mindfulness and a deep understanding of fitness, I am committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals, whether they involve lifestyle fitness or sport-specific training.

My diverse background in fitness, combined with my extensive experience, working with youth, adults, athletic individuals of all ages equips me to assist you in various areas, including:

Lifestyle Fitness: Whether you're looking to lose weight, increase your overall fitness, or simply adopt a healthier lifestyle, I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Sport-Specific Training: As a Weight Lifter, Runner, Mountain Biker, Golfer, and Hiker myself, I understand the unique demands of these sports. I can tailor your training to enhance your performance, prevent injuries, and take your skills to the next level.

As a Mindfulness Enthusiast, and Pro Member of Insight Timer I integrate techniques and practices that promote mental clarity, stress reduction, and overall well-being into our training together.

Why Train With Me

Passion: I'm not just a trainer; I'm an avid enthusiast of an active lifestyle. My passion for fitness is contagious, and I'll motivate you to reach your goals.

Experience: With 17+ years in the industry, I've encountered a wide range of clients with different needs and challenges. I've successfully helped countless individuals achieve their fitness aspirations.

Customization: There is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. I'll create a personalized plan tailored to your specific goals, abilities, and preferences.
Results: Together, we'll work towards tangible and sustainable results that will improve your life both inside and outside the gym.

Let's embark on this fitness journey together! Whether you're a beginner looking to start your fitness journey or an athlete aiming for peak performance, I have the expertise to guide you. Contact me today, and let's make your fitness goals a reality.