Flexible Plans for Everyone

Monthly Plans - No Contract Required

AUTOMATIC RENEWAL/CANCELLATION POLICY: Membership automatically renews on a month-to-month basis. Cancellation requires a 30-day written notice. If notice is given less than 30 days from Enrollment Date, member will be charged for that month. Please click here for Personal Training packages.

Individual Monthly

$70 / Month
  • Auto pay - no contract

Couples Monthly

$130 / Month
  • includes two members

Family of 3 Monthly

$180 / Month
  • includes three members

Family of 4 Monthly

$240 / Month
  • includes four members

Day Pass, Guest Pass, Trial Pass & Weekly Passes

Day Pass


Guest Day Pass


3-Day Pass


1-Week Pass


2-Week Pass


Discounted Paid in Advance Plans - Seasonal and Annual

3-Month Season Pass

  • paid in advance

6-Month Season Pass

  • paid in advance

Annual Pass

  • paid in advance