Lois Hughey, Certified Mindset and Nutrition Coach & Owner at Empowered Life Nutrition

Lois Hughey

Lois Hughey, Certified Mindset and Nutrition Coach and Owner at Empowered Life Nutrition

About Lois

I'm a nutrition coach who works primarily with women 40+ (men are always welcome!) who loves dogs, hiking, and reality cooking shows. I provide coaching and resources so that you make the most out of your fitness and nutrition.

I believe in resilience and strength and want you to be as healthy, strong, confident and independent at 80 possible. You don't decide at 80 how you want to live. You decide now. You won't get there by focusing only on fitness or only on nutrition. You must marry the two to get the very best results.

If your goal is to be strong and fit, you must know how nutrition plays the leading role in what you can accomplish in the gym. Your commitment to be here means that your health is valuable to you, and if you neglect nutrition, you are leaving things on the table. Let's get you the best results possible together!


BA in Secondary Education

Certified Nutrition Coach from Nutritional Coaching Institute

Health Mindset Coaching Certified

Menopause Masterclass

Gut Health Masterclass

Mindset Masterclass


Contact Lois for nutrition only pricing. 1:1 and Group Coaching available.


FREE Nutrition Consultation with Personal Training Packages

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