Vince Catteruccia, PhD
Musculoskeletal Diagnostician and Author

Meet Vince Catteruccia, PhD

Dr. Vince Catteruccia is an internationally known Musculoskeletal Diagnostician and Author who is recognized for uncovering hidden sources of physical pain and producing lasting solutions for his patients — without medication or surgery. His natural approach to solving pain is guided by his unique combination of professional credentials including a Ph.D. in Behavior, a Master’s of Science in Kinesiotherapy, and a Master’s of Science in Human Performance. Dr. Vince is also the founder of Workforce Intelligence taking his processes and programs into company’s throughout the United States.

He’s learned from the best in the world, traveling the globe to uncover natural solutions to nagging pain including time in Prague at the renowned Motol Hospital of Rehabilitation and Manual Medicine. During his 30-year career, Dr. Vince is proud to have helped thousands of people end their battles with chronic pain. Today, he lives in Arizona with his wife, Jennifer, and his son, Gabriel, where he works with patients worldwide virtually and in person.

A Note From Dr. Vince

It pains me to see people like you suffering. The truth is your body is built to heal naturally. My mission is simple: Encourage healing, without pills and procedures. Over the past 30 years, I’ve helped people from all walks of life eliminate pain, including loving parents, busy executives, and professional athletes. My natural healing methods work — no matter your age, gender, or genetics. That’s why doctors, physical therapists, and other medical professionals confidently refer patients to me. I look forward to working with you and personally crafting a custom plan to end your pain once and for all.

The Patient Experience

Your pain is unique to you, as is Dr. Vince’s approach to solving it. After an in-depth evaluation, Dr. Vince will pinpoint the source of your pain and develop a personalized plan to alleviate it as fast as possible. Dr. Vince has the ability to work with you virtually, so you can experience relief from anywhere around the world.

What Others Are Saying

“Dr. V heals in a way no one else does. I have my life back thanks to him.” ~ Jason Perkins.

“He’s solved my issues many times over. He’s a godsend to me.” ~ Mark Brodhagen

“I recommend Dr. Vince to everyone I know. His methods change my life and they can change yours too.” ~ Jennifer Pierce

“I tried everything to get out of pain … in just a few minutes, Dr. V started fixing me up. I feel like I’m 20 years old again.” ~ Todd Dessell

“I call him my body whisperer.” ~ Bradley Berndt