Karen Cimaglia, Elite Trainer, Exercise Therapy Specialist ISSA Certified


Karen Cimaglia, Dr of Philosophy Specializing in Psychological Counseling, Reiki Master and Trainer, Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitator

A Message from Karen

Certified in Neuroscience and Healthier Habits, Health Coach, Posture Improvement, Osteoporosis Improvement, Shoulder Function, Joint Mobility, Nutrition, Myofascial Release, and more.

Achieve longevity naturally. Pain reduction and elimination is the beginning to overall improvement of mental and physical well being. Natural methods of repair are superior to managed methods of relief. I combine a variety of techniques to build a wellness formula for clients. This formula is in flux and shifts dramatically in ten year cycles. Together we can anticipate shifts in order to achieve longevity naturally.

Longevity consists of a sound mental state of being, physical health and a strong belief system. There is no one answer or right way. As an Exercise Therapy Specialist, I combine ancient wisdom using ongoing philosophies with modern practices as I guide you to health. It is possible to make changes, persistence is an integral part of longevity.

It may be time to revamp your approach to wellness in order to experience results. There is a great deal to understand and it is complicated. Results come with time but it is worth it. Join me on this journey and discover your true self in the process.